To begin play, you must first create a character login name. To do this, you must register an account on Yuku under the name of the character that you are planning to create. We advise you not create the login with your own name or a nickname, but rather with a fantasy-themed name (stay away from prolific names like Bilbo, Gandalf, Conan, etc.)

Once you've decided on the name you're going to use, click on the Sign Up button at the top of the page or you can follow this link.  Once you have an account set up, you are strongly urged to create a Signature and create an Avatar for your character.  The signature should be a very brief description of your character, and the avatar should visually represent your character, so when others see your posts they get an idea of who they are looking at.  Figuring out how to do this on your own in Yuku can be frustrating, but use the links provided to read some very helpful (and funny!) posts from our own GM Zork (using her Hark character login) to get some good help on this.

Now that you have your character login created you are ready for action, right? Well, before you can post in-character anywhere on the board, you must first check out the Current Adventures forum to find a game.  The World of Greyhawk board strives to give players an opportunity to play somewhere, whether in a new adventure that is just beginning or filling in an open spot in an ongoing adventure. Adventures that are filled up or no longer accepting new characters will be marked as [Closed] in that forum, while those that are getting started or recruiting new characters are marked as [Open]. Note that there will often be times when there simply are no openings for new players. This would be a great time for YOU to join the board as an AGM and start a game of your own!  Post your interest in the Miscellaneous Forum and let us know you're willing and ready.  More instructions on how to go about starting your adventure will follow in that thread you open. If there are no current openings and you are hesitant about starting your own game, feel free to put a post in the waiting list there in the Current Adventures forum.

If you do find an open adventure looking for a new player, simply post in the recruitment thread, or follow the instructions posted therein. Once you find an adventure to join, you will need to create a character for that gaming system.  Go to the New Character Forum for that area of the World of Greyhawk board (whether it be in 3.5, 5e or Pathfinder), where you will find character creation rules as well as character sheet templates to assist you.  Once you understand how to to create a character for that particular gaming system, you can use your login to create a post in that same forum to create your character.  Note that this post will eventually be deleted once your moderator creates your 'Official' character sheet in their own forum, or in the Approved Character Sheet forum.  The character sheet post you create is a sort of rough draft that will likely have a lot of back and forth conversation between yourself and your moderator to answer questions or offer suggestions as you create your character for that particular adventure.

Although the prime focus of playing here at the World of Greyhawk board is to have fun, some guidelines must be implemented to make gaming fair for everyone.

The most important rule is to respect your fellow players. This board is intended for everyone to use and enjoy. Although your 'characters' may have disagreements or even argue with other 'characters', do not let such activities escalate to insults and arguing between the 'players'. Remember that there is a big difference between a barbarian and a wizard bickering with each other in an adventure and the same sort of ill-behavior between the players that are running those characters. Violation of this policy may result in suspending or banning a player (or players) from the board.

Be aware that the moderator is the arbiter of how your character deals with his or her environment, including NPCs (non-player characters like shopkeepers, guards and monsters), the physical environment, and other things outside of your character's direct control. No 'finagling' will be allowed. The term 'finagling' as used on this board is best described as trying to manipulate your environment without any GM intervention. Since this can be a difficult concept to understand, here are some examples.

Lets say your character is involved in a fight with a kobold and you post the following action. "I slash the creature with my sword, taunting it in its native tongue as my blade bites deeply into its stomach."  This is a blatant form of finagling because all combat is handled by the GM using the rules for that particular gaming system and dice. Your post should instead read as "I slash at the creature with my sword, snarling curses in Draconic to infuriate the little beast," or something similar.  The DM will then determine (using the dice and gaming rules) if your attack is successful and he or she will also perhaps roleplay the creature's reaction to your words, presuming your character and the monster both speak Draconic, of course.

Another situation that might (or might not) be as obvious is when your character is trying to do something outside of combat. This second form of 'finagling' might be "After convincing the stupid city guardsman that my pass isn't a fake, I move confidently past him and into the Noble Quarter, where I look around for a wealthy merchant's house to sneak into and rob. I'll take whatever jewels and gems that I can find and then slip over the castle walls to make my escape into the wilderness." This is another obvious sort of finagling. All sorts of skills outlined that particular gaming system must be considered here, and the entire process would probably encompass several days or even weeks of pbp gaming. Failure, which would likely result in the capture and execution (or at least incarceration) of the character would be a real threat, especially if the character is a low-level rogue with minimal talent at hiding, climbing, bluff, forgery, open locks, etc, all of which (and more) would be required in the above scenario to pull off such a caper.

As you get more familiar with the style of your GM, you may find that minor acts of 'finagling' are allowed and sometimes even encouraged. Going into a tavern and ordering several drinks as you converse with fellow player characters could be such a time. Instead of posting "I order another drink" several times in a row, the GM will usually presume that you drink to your heart's content, tallying up your total cost after you determine how much you want. These circumstances where minor acts of 'finagling' are allowed may be hard to determine though, so when in doubt just ask your GM.

Play-by-post (pbp) gaming veterans may familiar with the term 'concurrent timelines'. This is basically where you take one character and try to run him in more than one adventure, under different GMs most commonly. Players sometimes like this method because it effectively doubles the amount of loot and experience a character garners, especially when pbp gaming goes much more slowly than table-top gaming. But these 'concurrent timelines' cause all sorts of problems for GMs and players alike for a variety of reasons, including character death, gaining levels and magic items and timeline issues. For these reasons, among others, 'concurrent timelines' will not be allowed on the World of Greyhawk Board. There is no limit as to the number of characters you can create, so if posting in only one adventure seems a bit slow to you just make a second character. Or a third, or a fourth, etc. Just keep in mind that multiple characters run by one player should never engage in the same adventure together. This is to keep things fair for the other players involved in the same adventure. How would it look if two characters (supposedly perfect strangers to each other) kept acting like inseparable brothers, constantly watching out only for each others, sharing magic items, etc.? If such actions are done between two different players that each run their own character, then this could be allowed, especially if their close relationship was role-played well. But to have the same player running the same characters in similar circumstances would be grossly unfair.

If you still have questions about playing the game here on the World of Greyhawk Board, feel free to head over to the Questions and Answers forum and post a new topic, asking whatever question you have for us. One of your helpful moderators will try and give you an answer quickly.  Also, you will find a lot of helpful advice for new players and veterans alike in our World of Greyhawk Player Resources forum.

Thats all for now! Have fun and happy gaming!!

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