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Ruler: Kimbertos Scotti
Gov't: regency; King elected by a noble council
Population: about 2 million, 75% Human (OSf)
Cities: Gradsul (50,000), Niole Dra* (25,000), Flen (12000), Cryllor (8400)
Land Division: nobles rule fuedal fiefs; dukes, earls, barons etc.
Resources: agricultural, cloth, gold, gems
Currency: golden Lions, silver Hawks and copper Sparrow. The platinum piece is a Griffon
Major Human Faiths: Heironeous, Phaulkon, St. Cuthbert, Fharlanghn, Ehlonna, Lydia, Osprem, Zilchus, Kord, Xerbo, Norebo, Oildammara

1. oldest Kingdom in Flanaess at about 900 years
2. provincial and bucolic lands, untouched by warfare for centuries
3. climate is temperate all year; major export is grains, major import is metals
4. the study and practise of magic is restricted; the local folk treat those who practise the arcane arts openly with fear and superstition
5. Keoland's kings rule from the Throne of the Lion for life and have great powers and authority; they are chosen by Council of Niole Dra
6. Said Council is composed of the major nobility as well as the Heads of major Faiths, Societies and Guilds
7. Borders:
North - the Sheldomar river ending in the Rushmoors
Immediate Northern Neighbour(s): The Gran March (allied)

East - the Sheldomar river flowing towards the Azure Sea
Immediate Eastern Neighbour(s): The Uleks (allied)

South - the coastline and the Dreadwood
Immediate Southern Neighbour(s): The Sea Princes (not allied)

West - the Javan river
Immediate Western Neighbour(s): Geoff (not allied), Sterich (allied), Yeomanry (allied)

8. Gazetteer
Barony of Axewood, ruled over by Baron Anladon of House Neheli (a half-Elf) in Linnoden
Country of Cryllor, ruled over by Count Ignas Mans (a human) in Cryllor
Duchy of Dorlin, ruled over by Duke Cedrian III of Neheli (Human) in Dorglast Castle
County of Flen, ruled over by Countess Allita Elgarin (a human) from Flen
Union of the Good Hills, ruled over buy First Speaker Blaif Rinnar (a Gnome) from Black Top
Duchy of Gradsul, ruled over by Duke Luschan VIII of House Rhola (a human) from Gradsul

The Axewood: has a fey reputation and remains largely untouched. The Keoish are careful to cut down trees only from the periphery of the wood.

The Dreadwood: located in southern Keoland, a royal writ grants control of the forest to Elves, who protect it on behalf of the Lion Throne. Raiders from the Sea Princes and horrors from the Hool Marshes use the wood to attack Southern Keoland. Home to the Great Druidess of the Sheldomar Valley, Reynard Yargrove.

The Good Hills: rolling highlands that mark the western border of Keoland and channel the Javan River. Home to many gnomes and Halflings, and many rich mines.

Javan River: the longest on the continent, it is navigable only to Cryllor.

Sheldomar River: broad and majestic, at times a half-mile wide, and navigable to Niole Dra

9. History of Keoland
Slerotin, Last Suel Mage of Power, leads twelve noble houses northeast out of the ruined Suel Dominion and into the Sheldomar Valley, gateway into an untouched corner of the Oerth.
Exiting the Prime Materal Plane with a great magical display, Slerotin instructs the Suel to build a nation in those lands

-386 CY City of Gradsul founded by House Rhola
-376 CY Niole Dra founded by House Neheli
-342 CY Keoland founded as the Rhola and Neheli houses come together with local Flan and Oeridian peoples. Many of the other houses fled, continued into the Flanaess, or were lost to misadventure
-242 CY Keoland pushes east, past the Good Hills, and founds Sterich soon thereafter
-161 CY The Gran March founded by the Knights of the March
-96 CY The folk of the Yeomanry are made part of Keoland
50-288 CY Keolish expansion slows and then stops for many years
289 CY Tavish I has visions of expansion, and heads North, testing the Bakluni at Fals Gap in an indecisive skirmish; Knights of the Watch founded around this time
292 CY Tavish I negotiates to bring the Uleks into Keoland
295 CY Tavish I subjugates Pomarj with the Ulek's help, Pomarj lands given to the Ulek states; Highport founded 305 CY
316 CY Duchy of Geoff finally incorporated into Keoland
346 CY Tavish I dies
348 CY Tavish II marches North from Gran March into Veluna, and annexes the Pomarj in the East
362 CY Keoland pushes as far north as the Tusman Hills past present day Ket
366-400 CY Backlash against the imperialism begins. The Yeomanry closes its borders to protest the aggressive natue of Keolish expansion, and Celene follows suit. Losses in the field follow, as the northen border is beaten back to Bissel
414 CY Tavish III takes the throne and renew the wars of conquest aggressively
438 CY Keoland and Furyondy at war, Keoland loses Bissel
450 CY War between Geoff and Keoland, Tavish III humiliated in defeat
453 CY Tavish III dies in the south at Westkeep, trying to rescue a kidnapped brother who is the heir to the Duchy of Gradsul
460 CY Under the peaceful overtures of Tavish IV, the Yeomanry is formally recognized and allies with Keoland
461 CY Celene severs its associations with Keoland, and the Ulek states seccede without incident. An uprising also occurs in the Pomarj as Keolish nobles there form their own city state in Highport
488 CY Tavish IV dies, and the Lion Throne reverts to House Neheli
490 - 560 CY Keoland subsides into isolationistic and peaceful times once more
564 CY Kimbertos Scotti crowned King
580 CY Giants on the western frontier besiege Geoff, Sterich and Yeomanry. Keoland under Scotti is too slow to react, and Geoff and Sterich are overrun
583 CY The Greyhawk Wars begin. Treaty of Niole Dra allies Keoland with its neighbours against Iuz and Turrosh Mak
584 CY Duke Luschan loses a quarter of his fleet defending Gradsul against naval forces from the Lordship of the Isles, puppeteered by the Scarlet Brotherhood
588 CY Sterich is freed from the yoke of Giants; but losses are high
590 CY Keoland strikes south and captures Westkeep in the Sea Prince's Hold
593 CY The current year. War with the Sea Princes continues

10. Keoland Political Breakdown
one Kingdom comprised of:
one National District, two Duchies, two Marches, one Union, three Counties, one Viscounty, and thirty baronies

11. Areas (numbers refer to map; note that the Moors are not on the map)
1) The Barony of Hochoch - Baronnes Aswaigne of House Olhtar
2) The Barony of Javan - Baron Herloss of House Ulger
3) The Barony of Northmoor - Baron Uncrect of House Rhola
4) The Barony of Axewood - Baron Anladon of House Neheli
5) The County of Flen - Countess Allita of House Elgarin
6) The Barony of Greyhill - Baron Markos of House Skotti
7) The Duchy of Dorlin - Duke Cedrian III of House Neheli
8) The District of Niole Dra - King Kimbertos of House Skotti
9) The Country of Cryllor - Count Ignas of House Manz
10) The March of Sedenna - Margrave Erlich of House Derwent
11) The March of Middlemead - Margrave Kharn of House Neheli
12) The Union of the Good Hills - First Speaker Blaif Rinnar
13) The Viscounty of Salinmoor - Viscount Cronin of House Secunforth
14) The County of Nimlee - Countess Lissen of House Reyhd
15) The Duchy of Gradsul - Duke Luschan VIII of House Rhola
16) The Barony of Fythemoor - Baron Farllan of House Fythe
17) The Barony of Glennmoor - Baroness Salvia of House Dreskyn
18) The Barony of Oldenmoor - Baron Glanius of House Rhola
19) The Barony of Halfmoor - Baron Zann of House Kolm
20) The Barony of Deepmoor - Baron Julney of House Arkolna
21) The Barony of Littlemoor - Baroness Cewaign of House Rhola
22) The Barony of Brightmoor - Baron Harrald of House Krombar
23) The Barony of Granmoor - Baroness Falta of House Neheli
24) The Barony of Falmoor - Baron Viviyn of House Skotti
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