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Welcome to the World Of Greyhawk, celebrating fourteen years of play-by-post roleplay! We always welcome new players, there are no tests or applications needed to join the board, and no experience necessary! Check out all of the latest posts by our active members right here. If you'd like to join in the fun, check out this forum for details on how to create your character and how to get started. If you have questions or just want to say 'Hi', then post here and we promise that someone will be happy to give you some much-needed answers (or just say 'Hi' right back!)

And if you are looking to jump straight into the action, why not create that 1st level character right now and then head over to this forum, where you will find yourself in the mysterious and ever-changing dungeon of Zagyg's Gauntlet. There is no waiting list to join this adventure, so you can join in (and leave!) at any time! AGM Variant is running things there, so you can post in the OOC thread to say 'Hi' and let him know you'd like to enter the Gauntlet. He (and the infamous wizard of Greyhawk Zagyg!) will take good care of you!

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